Media Intelligence – Business Intelligence for the media ecosystem.

With Media Intelligence you earn powerful visibility into the diverse elements of your digital media assets. At its core, it is the practice of tracking and evaluating a media profile to understand how a media presence contributes to the aims of a communications outreach strategy. Multiple disciplines are encompassed in this category, including media monitoring, media analytics, social listening and social media intelligence. Take control of your media with better efficiency and effectiveness.

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Advanced Analytics Services

  • Traditional Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Data Synthesis Conclusions
  • Action Proposition

How can Media Intelligence contribute to your business?

Organisations that consciously and effectively employ media intelligence have real-time understanding of exactly what is being said about them, their competitors and industry related issues across all media channels, from print through broadcast to social media. What they understand is the impact of their communications efforts, their visibility levels within their target audience, their participation in relevant conversations that are absorbed by that target audience, and the sentiment that is generated by their endeavours.

What is measured can be improved – by leveraging media intelligence, forward-thinking and data-driven organisations can streamline every communication they release, customising it to the intended audience and positioning their message in the spotlight within the desired space.

Rockview Intelligence Solutions

At Rockview, we crafted Media Intelligence with the aim of providing meaningful monitoring and analytics that can help you better understand and respond to your audiences and determine the impact of your communications strategies. It is a complete, integrated PR solution for Communications Professionals.

Rockview is a company of problem solvers. Our success is measured by the scale of our Clients’ success. We combine human ingenuity, experience and technological innovation to deliver sustainable outcomes and build confidence every day.

We are constantly developing our Media Intelligence capabilities to deliver solutions that are unique across the market and to achieve our goal: to build trust in the community and solve important problems for our Clients.

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  • Reception of content
  • Target group demographic
  • Target group segmentation
  • Content monetization
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