Rockview Services

Reputation Intelligence

To reach their business objectives, businesses must first understand what their current situation is. What do varied customers really think and feel about your organisation?

Media Intelligence

To understand how media presence enhances the achievement of communication strategy objectives, the practice of monitoring and analysing the media profile is applied.

Big Data Consulting

Big data is applicable wherever large amounts of digital data are accompanied by the need to acquire new information for organisations to make more optimal decisions.

Stakeholders intelligence

The most forward-thinking companies are embracing a more holistic approach - Stakeholder Capitalism.

Risk intelligence

All your big data through robust solutions that empower data collection, storage, processing and analysis.

Machine Learning

We prepare automation of reporting and business data processes based on machine learning mechanisms.

why choose us

Why Choose Rockview?

Rockview is enabling business analysts to discover, access, perceive and trust their data, so this data can be applied to make impactful business decisions.

With strategies developed and solutions proven in a significant number of cases, we know how to respond to any scenario. No matter the scale of the challenge, we are able to help

What we do not deliver to our clients is ineffective functionality. It is the effect that interests us. Every task we carry out is goal-oriented and, at the same time, individually attuned to the client.

The client is clearly informed in advance about the cost of our service, what the roadmap is, how we will measure the data and what we can accomplish