Rockview Intelligence enables move from the managing risk to prediction. Systematical identifying the impact of duration of stakeholder risk incidents in a repeatable and verifiable manner help your business. Our solution covers all from horizon scanning to scenario modeling.  

Risk Data

Every day Rockview Risk intelligence searches over 4 million global sources in over 100 languages to detect potential threats for your business. Our analysis covers all online materials, media, networks, notes and prints to ensure the best understanding of potential threats which could affect your business.  

Making business decision trigger points.

  • Intuitive decisions
  • Data driven decision

Risk Mangement

When it comes to risk managing, Big Data may play a crucial part in upgrading and quality enhancement. Using a wide range of scenarios helps communicate best practices and gain more control over the results. How to react if you have cybersecurity vulnerability? 

There is data which support every decision in every scenario to ensure that instinct is backed by real evidence and optimal decisions are made.  

Variable Parametric Triggering

By analyzing historical risk norms in thousands of companies and issues Rockview creates quantified stakeholders risk thresholds, enabling statistical risk-breach triggering for early warning indications. Parametric triggering of stakeholder risk allows report incident, the measurement of its duration and statistical identification of its normalization and completion.  

Our Analytical Strategy

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