Reasons you need Reputation Data Intelligence

To reach their business objectives, businesses must first understand what their current situation is.  What do varied customers really think and feel about your organisation?

What are the threats and opportunities to the company’s reputation? How does it stack up against the competition?

Enhancing the quality of communication through Reputation Intelligence

Our belief is that Communications, Corporate and Media Affairs, as well as PR have historically been neglected by the intelligence sector, leaving them unable to achieve the strategic mission demanded by the business.

Arming this underrated function with Reputational Intelligence gives corporate Communications professionals an 'outside-in’ insight into how stakeholders perceive the company, where it faces Reputational Risk and what the capabilities are.

Audience Analysis

Identify your target Personas and how to approach or convince them to your brand.

Media Analysis

Evaluating multiple types of media to identify media focus on your brand.

Sentiment Analysis

Research what people say and what’s in the media about your brand.

Solution Proposal

A first step in the right direction to enhance your brand reputation.

From Reputation Intelligence to Reputation Management

Thousands of Communications Leaders from global organizations use Reputation Intelligence on a regular basis. They trusted us as we deliver comprehensive reputation tracking and analysis services that help them understand and report on the influence of their communications and PR activities on reputation and business performance.

Being equipped with this industry-leading reputation knowledge, our Clients have the data and insights to involve stakeholders in the issues that they are concerned about, enabling them to better manage their companies’ reputations.